Chemtrail Theory and Possible Explanations

The Conspiracy Theory

Jets leaving a tail of smoke

Jets that stream across the sky above our heads leave distinctive white puffs of clouds behind them. The word “chemtrail” is a word that has been created to explain the belief behind what these trails of clouds actually contain. Some believe that there is a conspiratorial plot that says an organization is consciously adding chemicals to these trails for various purposes. They hold that these are done for nefarious and secret reasons that aren't in the best interests of US citizens.

Contrails vs. Chemtrails

Airplane in the sky

Contrails are the natural condensation and creation of a visible trail that modern aircraft makes. As the aircraft flies through the air, the natural processes of airplane propulsion and atmosphere create contrails. Scientists insist that what people believe to be a mix of dangerous chemicals or other substances are just natural remains of flying. Some conspiracy theorists maintain that within contrails are hidden chemicals that are released over populated areas. The details give one a better understanding of the contrails, and therefore, the belief behind the chemtrail conspiracy theory.

Probable Explanations

People watching Jets in the air leaving a tail of smoke

Conspiracy theorists hold a multitude of reasons that chemicals would be dropped from aircraft over people. These theories suggest that the government is dropping chemicals that would immunize people from dangerous diseases and poisons. Others believe that it is dropped to harm people for various reasons. Still others believe that certain metals are dropped that will help radio navigation and other energy assisted tools to function by having that metal in the atmosphere. Whatever the conspiracy reason, it is normally inflated.

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